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Coil Winding

Coil Winding is the process of making an electromagnetic coil. This type of coil is used in items like relays, resistors, chokes, inductors, solenoids, transformers and rotor and stator coils in electric motors and generators. The list of items using electromagnetic coils is quite long and exhaustive.

Coil Winding basically consists of winding wire (usually copper or aluminium) around a core (the core can be air and the resultant coil is referred to as an Air Wound Coil). The whole process from beginning to end product is generally referred to as Coil Winding. With the advent of sophisticated software and controls numerous coils can now be made that were not possible several years ago. The machines used in this process can range from simple Hand Coil Winding Machines to sophisticated Automatic Coil Winding Machines Lines that are very expensive.

During the production process, terminals are added, the coils are sometimes coated with an insulation material such as varnish or insulation tape and the resultant coil can then be heated/baked and/or vacuum impregnated with insulation material. Then the coil is generally tested to see if it meets the required standard.

Electromagnetic coils are sometimes made by the company that produces the finished final product such as a TV or Computer but often the OEM Company sources the coils, the electric motors, the transformers and other parts from a specialist contract Coil Winding Company.

The special machines manufactured for this process are made in many different countries and can wind coils for airless coils, armature coils, bobbin coils, capacitors, choke coils, degauss coils, coils made of flat strip or foil, high voltage motor coils, lattice coils, perfect layer coils, coils with paper interleaving, large transformer coils, relay coils, resistor coils, rotor coils, spiral coils, stator coils, toroidal coils, transformer coils, tv coils and wave coils just to name a few.

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