Welcome to CWIEME News 056!

Latest market news, industry voices, and technical developments

Welcome to CWIEME News 056!

This week we are pleased to feature the latest Market Report from our Knowledge Partner, S&P Global, on how the ECHA’s proposal on the use of lead will affect Europe’s net zero ambitions.

We also share a technical article Applications and Considerations for Use of Palladium-Nickel Hydrogen Sensors from Transformer Technology magazine, an interview with Oğuz Sönmez, COO of Sönmez Trafo and details of Transformers Academy’s latest Transformer Oil training course.

Finally, we share news on Brazil’s power transmission tender attracting huge investments, Brush Transformers completing the first UK retrofit to Vacuum Bolt On Tapchanger, how the ongoing chip supply chain crunch has impacted Stellantis’ 2022 output, LG Energy Solution are to supply batteries to Japan’s Isuzu Motors and Schaeffler debut their new 4-in-1 electric drive axle solution.

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Featured News:

How will ECHA’s proposal on the use of lead affect Europe’s net zero ambitions?

Inclusion of lead in REACH Annex XIV would not only overregulate the existing lead supply chain, discouraging new investments, and hindering growth prospects, but it would also disrupt Europe’s well-established lead economy

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Interview with Oğuz Sönmez by Transformers Magazine

Oğuz Sönmez was the youngest graduate among EMBA Alumni Members in 2015–2016 at Boğaziçi University, having previously studied Electrical Engineering at Istanbul Technical University. He has been the Chief Operational Director Sönmez Trafo, a family-operated business for special transformers, since 2016, having worked as a Sales Manager from 2010 to 2016.

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Transformers Academy’s Transformer Oil Training Course

The Transformer oil course continues delivering quality lessons as part of the Transformers Academy. Dr C. S. Narasimhan hosts the lesson on Moisture dynamics, i.e. changing equilibrium in a transformer and its interpretation of the asset health. Attendance is free of charge! Live on Thursday, 14 July 2022, at 2 PM CET.

Learn more and save your seat here


Applications and Considerations for Use of Palladium-Nickel Hydrogen Sensors

This paper describes the benefits of using Palladium Nickel Alloy Hydrogen sensors for various applications where Hydrogen specific sensors are required. Typical applications for liquid filled transformers, safety monitors, fuel cells, electrolyzers, and Hydrogen in natural gas pipelines are explored as well.

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Transformer News:

Brazil power transmission tender attracts nearly $3 B in investments

Brazil’s first power transmission auction in 2022 has attracted $2.9 B in investments.  On 28 July, 5,425 km of lines and 6,180 MVA of transformation capacity were contracted, with an average discount of 46 % on the ceiling price. Of the total, $2.31 B will be for large-scale transmission, capable of bringing PV solar power from Minas Gerais.

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Brush Transformers completes UK’s first retrofit to Vacuum Bolt On Tapchanger

Brush Transformers has announced that they have completed the UK’s first retrofit to the Vacuum Bolt On (VBO) Tapchanger for a valued southern DNO.  According to Brush Transformers, the installation of this Tapchanger will enable 100% reverse power flow, 300,000 operations/15-year maintenance intervals and improved reliability.

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E-Mobility News:

LG Energy Solution to supply batteries to Japan's Isuzu Motors, newspaper reports

South Korea's LG Energy Solution is on track to supply Japanese commercial vehicle maker Isuzu Motors with an estimated 1 trillion won ($763 million) or more worth of batteries, a South Korean newspaper has recently reported.

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Chip crunch to cut Stellantis' Italy 2022 output by up to 220,000 vehicles -union

A global crunch in semiconductor supply could cost Stellantis (STLA.MI) up to 220,000 vehicles this year in terms of lost output in Italy, the FIM CISL union said, adding this would mark the fifth year in a row of declining production in the country.

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Electric Motor News:

Schaeffler debuts new 4-in-1 electric drive axle solution

A new 4-in-1 electric axle solution has been unveiled that integrates the thermal management system, the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission into the axle drive.

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