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Our program focuses on the latest industry trends, market intelligence and tech developments impacting the coil winding, electric motor, generator and transformer supply chain. 

OEMs, academic and research institutes, start-ups and think tanks will all come together to present their views and breakthroughs in two days of short, sharp sessions exploring exciting market trends and technologies impacting the Americas and global coil winding, electric motor, generator and transformer sectors. 

Whether it’s the latest industry economics, regulation, procurement expertise and supply chain issues to material developments, component or application design breakthroughs, you will find a session for you and your team that will leave you feeling up to date and inspired.

Speaking at CWIEME

CWIEME Central - The Core of Industry

Speakers at CWIEME Americas 2019

  • Brian Hatley

    Brian Hatley

    Technical Sales Manager, Miles-Platts (Practical consideration for Coil Bobbin Design)
  • Timothy Froning

    Timothy Froning

    Regional Sales Engineer, DELO Industrial Adhesives (Innovative bonding solutions for e-motors)
  • Dr. Erin Boyd

    Dr. Erin Boyd

    Senior Director of Analytics and Insights, Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Brian Coleman

    Brian Coleman

    Solutions Engineer, International Magnaproducts, Inc. ((Radial Orientation Technology and its Application in motor))
  • Dr. Seung Ryul Moon

    Dr. Seung Ryul Moon

    Power Electronics Engineer, National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Mitchell L. Spencer

    Mitchell L. Spencer

    President, Polaris Rare Earth Materials
  • Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

    Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

    Senior Economist, University of Michigan Energy Institute
  • Kathryn Berckman

    Kathryn Berckman

    Business Development Manager, Electrical Insulation-North America, Saint – Gobain Tape Solutions ((Fundamentals of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes used in electrical equipment applications))
  • Dr. Cheng Gong

    Dr. Cheng Gong

    R&D Motor Design Engineer, Whirlpool Corporation (Multi-physics acoustic simulation and design of ultra-high speed switched reluctance machines)
  • Hossein Dadkhah

    Hossein Dadkhah

    FCA retiree (Global Electrification group), Independent
  • Sandeep Arora

    Sandeep Arora

    Vice President- Global Sourcing & Strategy, SPX
  • Dr. Brian Ingram

    Dr. Brian Ingram

    Materials Engineer, Joint Center for Energy Research, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Don Leavens

    Don Leavens

    Vice President and Chief Economist, National Electrical Manufacturers Association
  • Russell Harrison

    Russell Harrison

    Director - Government Relations, IEEE-USA
  • Paul Eichenberg

    Paul Eichenberg

    Managing Director, Paul Eichenberg Strategic Consulting
  • Rudolf Moos

    Rudolf Moos

    Co-Founder & CDO, breuckmann eMobility
  • Adam Panayi

    Adam Panayi

    Managing Director, Rho Motion
  • Laurent Courdavault

    Laurent Courdavault

    Founder, LCT Development
  • Ivan Campos

    Ivan Campos

    Research Analyst, IHS Markit Technology
  • Dr. Zifu Wang

    Dr. Zifu Wang

    xEV Manager E-Motor Design, Hitachi Automotive (Optimization of IPM Motor for xEV Powertrain)
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Unfortunately, Alan Ross, Saqib Saeed & Dr. Ghanshyam Shrestha had to cancel their presentations for private reasons.


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