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DESCC Chicago
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  • Brian Hatley

    Brian Hatley

    Technical Sales Manager, Miles-Platts (Practical consideration for Coil Bobbin Design)
  • Timothy Froning

    Timothy Froning

    Regional Sales Engineer, DELO Industrial Adhesives (Innovative bonding solutions for e-motors)
  • Dr. Erin Boyd

    Dr. Erin Boyd

    Senior Director of Analytics and Insights, Center for Sustainable Energy
  • Brian Coleman

    Brian Coleman

    Solutions Engineer, International Magnaproducts, Inc. ((Radial Orientation Technology and its Application in motor))
  • Dr. Seung Ryul Moon

    Dr. Seung Ryul Moon

    Power Electronics Engineer, National Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Mitchell L. Spencer

    Mitchell L. Spencer

    President, Polaris Rare Earth Materials
  • Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

    Ellen Hughes-Cromwick

    Senior Economist, University of Michigan Energy Institute
  • Kathryn Berckman

    Kathryn Berckman

    Business Development Manager, Electrical Insulation-North America, Saint – Gobain Tape Solutions ((Fundamentals of pressure sensitive adhesive tapes used in electrical equipment applications))
  • Dr. Cheng Gong

    Dr. Cheng Gong

    R&D Motor Design Engineer, Whirlpool Corporation (Multi-physics acoustic simulation and design of ultra-high speed switched reluctance machines)
  • Hossein Dadkhah

    Hossein Dadkhah

    FCA retiree (Global Electrification group), Independent
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