CWIEME Chicago 2017

September 17-18, 2019
DESCC Chicago

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NEW dates: CWIEME Chicago now has a new name and new dates

CWIEME Americas will now run in DESCC – Chicago September 17-18 2019

We have reviewed the feedback from previous editions of CWIEME Chicago and changed the format of the show to more closely match your requirements. We have refreshed the content and added more opportunities to review machinery, see newly launched or improved products, learn from inspiring industry leaders, network, meet new business partners, close deals and keep up to date with the latest industry trends & practices.

More information will be released as plans are developed.

If you would like us to update you about visiting or speaking at CWIEME Americas in 2019 please register your interest here.


Planning to attend CWIEME Americas in 2019? Not sure if you can afford the time away from the office, the travel costs, or gain approval from senior management? 

  • 2-day event tailored for design engineers and purchasing managers of the electric motor, generator and transformer OEMs. 
  • Dedicated networking functions on the Show Floor 
  • CWIEME Central theatre covering technical challenges for the OEMs, offering solutions to break those bottlenecks. 
  • Increased focus on e-mobility, and how the OEMs can prepare for the demands of the emerging technology.

Top 5 Reasons To Attend


A trip to CWIEME Americas can save you weeks of research and supplier meetings. Previous visitors have described the show as the “Google of the coil winding and electrical manufacturing world”, a real-life search engine that puts them directly in touch with all the suppliers they are looking for. 

Others tell us that the internet simply cannot provide the sourcing options that CWIEME can. Visiting the show provides countless more contacts and ideas than weeks of desk-based research. 

As well as seeing your existing contacts, the addition of a New Exhibitor Zone in 2019 means you’ll find 100+ companies exhibiting for the first time, all in one convenient hall.


For many, CWIEME Americas  has become the preferred location for their supplier and client meetings. Scheduled long in advance of the show and taking place on neutral ground, these meetings can be used to discuss all business matters. Often customers will find themselves talking to than their regular contacts, sometimes more senior company representatives and also members of departments. 

The new CWIEME Matchmaking tool makes organising meetings pre-show even easier, connecting you instantly with the right people for your business needs and allowing you to make plans in real time.

“You meet a lot of people here. I also see a lot of people from my own organisation, which is a good opportunity to catch up. Yes, it certainly opens doors."


Where else can you attend high-quality seminar sessions delivered by industry experts, each one packed with a wealth of educational content, customised to match your needs and fill your knowledge gaps - all for FREE? 

The cost for commercially-run conferences with comparable content could run into thousands of euros. What’s more, a number of our visitors have discovered new automated processes that have enabled them to speed up their production lines and either increase output or reduce costs per unit.


Conversations with other visitors and exhibitors can lead to surprise discoveries and profitable future cooperation. For example, vendors who plan to restructure or who are in financial difficulties, opening opportunities for you, competitors whose companies are about to diversify their product range, expand into new sales territories or who have lost valuable customers. Such valuable information is sure to be well received when you report back to the office.

“I think the exhibition is a better way to find new technology as everything is here on display."


When it comes to important purchasing decisions that will impact your business both financially and strategically, there is no substitute for live product demonstrations and face-to-face meetings with whole team including service & R&D engineers; who will tend to give you a more open and informative view of the opportunities. 

No matter how well written or illustrated, no company brochure or website can offer the same experience as an exhibition. Only the brave would risk making such decisions without testing or sampling the product for themselves. Having a personal connection with your suppliers leads to better pricing and significantly better service. You’re top of their list

We trust the these key points have convinced you that a visit to CWIEME Americas is an essential date in any coil winding and electrical manufacturing professional’s calendar and look forward to seeing you in May.

If you need further help putting together your business case to visit CWIEME Americas 2019, please email


Whether you’re reviewing machinery, services or other materials; it is vital you feel confident about your decisions. The best way to do this is to see all the options together in one place.

Come to CWIEME Americas 2019 and see the machinery in operation, feel the quality of the products and work with new service solutions. It is only by getting hands-on that you can really understand what you are buying. You can also meet the people; something which is critical when service is a vital element of any buying decision. There is nothing quite like meeting someone face-to-face to building trust, really understanding how things work and discover the breadth of options.

Right now, the opportunities for the coil winding industry in the Americas are the best they have been in the past century. The openings created by significant innovations, including electric vehicles and the desire to make all motors faster and smaller, are there to be grabbed. Companies in the Americas, regardless of size, should work together to ensure they maximize the growth spike.

What to expect in 2019

CWIEME Americas is the leading exhibition for those involved in electric motor, generator and transformer design and manufacturing across USA, Canada & Mexico. 

It is free to attend and includes more dedicated, free conference content than any other event in the region. We don’t cover the broad issues; we cover the specific business issue and future trends that will make a real difference to your business.

The event also gives you access to the best suppliers, new products and tech innovations.

  • 150+ suppliers demonstrating the latest products & manufacturing techniques
  • Focused 2-day event
  • CWIEME Connect Theatre – covering the core issues
  • NEW EV Trail
  • NEW Machinery Demo Focus
  • NEW Technical Breakfast Session
  • NEW Networking opportunity on the night before the show
  • Increased and improved catering facilities
  • NEW Visitor networking zone
  • FREE match-making service to help you maximize the effectiveness of your visit
  • NEW Exhibitor Zone highlighting the very latest Innovation
  • CWIEME Global Award Winner Spotlight area – the best of the best from the Berlin event
  • Post-show networking function – Day 1
  • Reduced rates at recommended hotels

Where and when?

CWIEME Americas will take place 17 – 18th September 2019.

Donald E Convention Center
5555 North River Road
Rosemont Illinois 60018 USA

Opening times:        
17th September 2019 - 09:00 – 17:00
18th September 2019 – 09:00 – 16:00

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