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21 - 23 May 2019
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CWIEME Central Programme 2018

Your free ticket to CWIEME Berlin gives you access to 24 seminar sessions across three days led by 27 industry experts.  

Key themes for 2018 Include:

  • New e-motor designs, including integrations with electronics and mechatronics
  • New transformer designs for smart grids
  • New coil-winding technologies
  • Scaling up new technologies for high-volume production 


Download the CWIEME Central programme (PDF)

  1. 45 mins
    Key market drivers of T&D demand and supply - Including future energy plans and investments from EU states, renewables, and interconnetion of European grids.
  1. 40 mins

    This presentation takes a typical specification for a BEV traction application and compares various electric machine design choices and topologies.

  1. 40 mins
    Understanding the E-motor Market in 2018.
  1. 40 mins
    In this talk, speaker Thomas Staeuble will look at new motor technologies as solutions for these challenges.
  1. 170 mins

    10:30 - 10:35 - Altair Event: Welcome
    Vincent Leconte, Director of Business Development - EM Solutions, Altair

    Simulation-Driven Design Ally

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  1. 30 mins

    In this talk, Dr. Schramm will provide current state of the art multi-physics simulations that spans over wide range of products. And will address simulation technologies that are helping improve measurement process in multiple disciplines.

  1. 30 mins
    This paper describes how to use Flux 2D and Flux 3D in order to locate and to compute transformer’s load losses with better accuracy than existing analytical formulas, helping designers and saving materials.
  1. 30 mins
    This presentation will show how a multiphysics approach used together with optimisation techniques can help to innovate in the design of electrical devices.
  1. 25 mins
    In inductive heating, electrically conductive materials are heated locally using a strong alternating magnetic field.
  1. 40 mins
    This presentation will introduce transformer thermal design basics, factory temperature-rise test and dynamic thermal rating in the context of future power networks.
  1. 40 mins

    This session will introduce the world to the new Essex MagForceXTM Innovation Center and its current capabilities. 

    In partnership with:
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  1. 30 mins
    This session will cover the basic physics behind a Halbach Array, the permanent magnetic version as well as the Focused Magenetics' designed electromagnetic version, their particular applications and other possibilities to benefit from this technology.
  1. 40 mins

    This presentation will discuss the latest e-motor industry requirements & epoxy encapsulation developments.

    In partnership with:

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  1. 60 mins

    The CWIEME Global Awards showcases excellence from across the electrical engineering and manufacturing industries.

    The awards act as a benchmark of industry quality and excellence. Enabling design engineers, operational decision makers and technical project leaders to celebrate their achievement and
    promote their work.

  1. 65 mins

    Breakfast Briefing Session: An overview of the standard and innovative techniques in the magnetisation of permanent magnet materials, starting with key fundamental concepts and equipment design principles, focusing on innovative solutions and the testing method.

    In partnership with:

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  1. 40 mins
    Leading the way on the EU Eco Design Directive for transformers. Meeting 2021 losses since 2015. Experiences and challenges of a UK based manufacturer.
  1. 60 mins

    In this session, Michel Sacotte will discuss the methodology, the actors, the implementation process, earnings expected for the environment, the impact on the standardisation of the products will be developed in regards to eco-designs for transformers.

  1. 40 mins
    Case Study:
    DHX Systems have now rolled out their pioneering low voltage traction e-motors in pumps, compressors, minitrucks and so on.
  1. 40 mins
    The uncertain and competitive landscape with new entrants to market in windings provides the opportunity for a very interesting discussion on the role of the following technologies.

Speakers include

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