CWIEME Berlin 20-22 June 2017 Messe Berlin

21 - 23 May 2019
Messe Berlin

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Opportunities for the brightest minds

Do you have a new perspective on a challenging topic, a cutting-edge prototype or a piece of thought-provoking research that is begging for wider attention?

If so then CWIEME Berlin can propel your projects & you onto the international stage.

We have a limited number of opportunities for which those who want to share their market knowledge, technical innovations & insights and ‘in-the know’ business expertise.

Brightest Minds

We welcome entries from industry and academia

A professional or a professor, a member of a R&D team, working alone or within a team. All we ask is that your paper shows ingenuity, technical or strategic innovation. 

Take part now and challenge us to think differently 

Authors of the successful papers will be invited to present as part of CWIEME Berlin 2019 conferences, either EV Momentum or CWIEME Central, dependant on the focus of your paper.


Don’t feel restricted by the topics listed below. You are free to submit an idea of your own. The topics below have been identified by the advisory board as key focus points for the industry in 2019. 

EV Momentum

E-Mobility Theatre

  • Impact and opportunities for global e-motor industry:
    • Exploring changing dynamics ahead for the electric motor supply chain in the face of a rapidly expanding e-automotive landscape.
  • E-Automotive eco-system – the need for a new conception:
    • Strategic planning and business intelligence: Why electric, autonomous and MAAS mean ICE model supply chains won’t go the distance
    • From design-to-cost strategic thinking, to securing long term resource planning, how the e-mobility supply chain can adapt to old and new demands
  • Heavy going? From hybrid to BEV Semi’s
    • Is the eagerness for opportunities across the electrified powertrain market for commercial vehicles justified?
  • xEV Powertrains keeping the pace?
    Innovations in e-motor and powertrain performance and design:
    • Sizing, energy efficiency and consumption, trade-offs in thermal capacity, modelling and battery cost/performance, advanced battery technology considerations and power electronic integration and capabilities.
  • Future of transportation the bigger picture – ready for lift off?
    • How will downstream changes in mass transportation electrification impact the electrical component supply chains of tomorrow?
    • Focus on e-aircraft and e-viation as the new journey ahead for e-machines
  • Rapid moves to DC fast charging: What opportunities are out there for T&D and power generation manufacturing sectors as energy providers seek fast expansion of the DC fast charging infrastructure?
  • Ending global talent diasporas?
    • Is the growing need for electric machines of all kinds, specifically in the shift from ICE to EV, bring talent back?
    • How are automakers, OEMS to start-ups in and around the e-mobility eco-system bringing home engineering talent, creating new hubs of manufacturing and R & D and fundamental new economic possibilities?

Industry, Academia and independent voices welcome to be part of this key market discussion


CWIEME Central

The Core of Industries Theatre

  • Electric machines discoveries – latest in design and production methods for motors, generators and all types of transformers
  • Coil winding &core developments in design and manufacturing processes
  • E-motors: design and production developments and innovation for multiple applications
  • E-motors: Efficiencies, materials and PE/VFD integration
  • Electromagnetic simulation and design: software developments for integrated engineering solutions
  • Industry analysis and market intelligence - vertical tech sectors for EMGT industries (electric motor, generator and transformer markets)
  • Transformers innovations and developments
    • regulation, application and material efficiencies
    • monitoring and conditioning
    • safety and the environment
  • Insulation and electrical materials
    • market insight, research and development
    • advanced material developments
    • improving quality and application efficiency
  • The greening of technology and material sustainability
  • Renewable &smart grid technology and integration
  • Moulding and lamination technologies  
  • Magnetics &magnets
    • market insight
    • technical R &D
    • impacts on application design
  • Raw and processed material supply chains, sustainable reduction protocols
  • Procurement and operational excellence: Strategies and practice for those in procurement and senior operations electric machines manufacturing plant management and planning
  • Manufacturing from cloud management to robotics: challenges for the electrical manufacturing industries
    • Market insight and analysis
    • Impacts on applications and manufacturing processes
    • Design and tech challenges and opportunities
    • Industry 4.0 and cloud management: Integration, risk, cyber security
  • Electromagnetic simulation and design: software developments for integrated engineering solutions