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CWIEME Interview with Dongmin Miao, Co-founder & CMO from Hangzhou 3Phis Technology Co., Ltd

by: by Rachel Liu, Content Producer

What’s the latest technology or breakthrough in the field of high-speed motor?

I believe that the most critical technological breakthrough of high-speed motor should be magnetic bearing technology. High-speed motor is an electromechanical coupling system. The key factor that affects the development of high-speed motor is the mechanical bearing. Some domestic companies have already broken through this technical barrier, and the next step is to reduce the cost of the technology and expand it into other industries. About the technology breakthrough, China is still mainly learning from abroad. Foreign countries are currently making breakthroughs in the direction of higher power density of motors which is also a direction that China needs to break through.

In your view, what’s the trend of high-speed motor of 2018?

In my view, I believe from the aspect of performance, it is necessary to develop in the direction of higher power density. The higher the power density is, the larger the output of the volume motor will be, and the smaller the motor will be if the output force is the same.

What China and other countries can learn from each other in the field of high-speed motor?

In my view, what China can learn from the West, on the one hand, it can be the power density of motors, and on the other hand, it can be the process of motor manufacturing, such as heat dissipation design. For high-speed motor, the cooling system is the core factor that affects its development. If we can solve the problem of motor heating dissipation, then it would be possible for us to develop higher-speed and smaller motors. As for China, China has a profound theoretical foundation of motor design. About the application part, China still has a long way to go.

How do you hope CWIEME visitors interested in electric spindles use the event to advance their development or application? (E.g. networking, topic discussions, seminars etc.)

Electric spindle is a typical application of high-speed motor, and high-speed motor is more general, which can be applied in many industries, such as high-speed condensing compressors, blowers and so on. In terms of design, production, and manufacturing of high-speed motors, customs can apply high-speed motors according to their needs. Exhibitors can obtain information about the technologies and advantages of high-speed motors, as well as the information about industries in which high-speed motors can be used. They can combine the information they get from high-speed motor industry and features of their industries to see whether there’s need or possibility to apply high-speed motor into their industry. I think no matter what industry they are from, applying high-speed motor can be an innovation.

What do you want to get from CWIEME Shanghai?

I hope that through CWIEME Shanghai, we can share our experience gained from the research, development and production processes in the field of high-speed motors and share the results with others. I am looking forward to the technical exchanges, interactions, and communication with other professionals. I also hope to send a message to everyone that China's high-end motor manufacturing industry is very competitive. In terms of technology and processing, we need to learn more from the West; and in terms of product prices and service efficiency, the  Chinese market has a great advantage.

To read this interview in Chinese, please click here.


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