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ATOP S.p.A. - Hall 3.2 Stand E10

Visit ATOP website:

ATOP is a leading manufacturer of machines and automatic lines for the production of wound stators and rotors of electric motors. Our tasks include development of tailored technology focusing on innovation and efficiency to meet quality and production requirements in all winding and assembly processes.

Thanks to its strong know-how and innovation capability, ATOP manufactures completely automatic lines with customized solutions for the production of hairpin stators for traction electric motors. The machines perform all the processes to produce hairpin stators that require maximum accuracy. This is guaranteed by ATOP machines due to their excellent control of each process phase.


EURO MISI - Hall 3.2 Stand E40


Visit EUROMISI website:

EURO MISI is a joint venture between EURO GROUP and Marubeni-Itochu. We implement global technology to provide solution and products in Chinese market. Founded in 2012, based on the current equipment capability, EURO-MISI have progressive press ranged from 125T and 800T, rotor die-caster and annealing furnace. EURO GROUP is dedicated to capability development by introducing more technology, we are focusing on the lamination manufacture of high efficiency motor, generators and advanced automobile application.

Drive motor cores

Our product are rotor and stator as key component for EV and HEV. To embrace the special demand of this application, we have the access to advanced material, implement leading equipment and manufacturing condition and full automated production concept. We constantly seek for new solution through innovation to meet new design and requirement from this industry. We provide high-efficiency solution and high-quality products by professional and skilled team. We also offer strategy supply chain to customer through group global foot print.


GROB (DMG MECCANICA) - Hall 3.2 Stand F40


Visit GROB website:

Established in 1992, until 2016 DMG has been focus on its own business for developing and manufacturing of automotive alternator stator and induction motor stator winding inserting line. We can provide to customer different layout line (conveyor line or robot “island” line) with different level of automation according to customer’s specific requirements.

In March of 2017, DMG was acquired by German GROB group whose traditional business was fully automatic machining centers mainly used in Automotive industry and already got very good reputation in this area. Now and in the near future, DMG and GROB together is capable to provide to customer a fully “turn key” solution of EV motor(stator/rotor/assembly)/gear box/battery pack/hairpin technology.


Since more than 90 years, the GROB Group is one of the global players in the development and manufacturing of machines and production lines for most prestigious car manufacturers, their suppliers and many other renowned companies from various industries. In 2017 DMG meccanica, a leading manufacturer of machinery and plants for the production of stators for electric motors, was incorporated into the GROB Group and in 2018 the company was renamed as GROB Italy S.r.l. The technological know-how of the GROB Group for e-mobility is based on the tried-and-tested winding process of inserting technology and needle winding as well as new processes for the manufacturing of stators for electric traction motors like hairpin.

GROB product

Kienle + Spiess - Hall 3.2 Stand A11


Visit Kienle + Spiess website:

Kienle + Spiess is an international innovation leader in the stamping and die-casting technology sector and market leader in Europe. We offer our customers a unique range of products, technical solutions and services for creating efficient and energy-saving electric motors and generators. We focus on a high degree of innovation and customer satisfaction, as well as highest possible quality and cost efficiency.

The Kienle + Spiess portfolio is represented by a unique set of products – ranging from our innovative bonding technology glulock® and its further development glulock HT and glulock MD, the Kienle + Spiess series of permanent magnet synchronous motors (KSPM) to copper die-casted rotors in the most diverse of sizes. Furthermore, our customers profit from the comprehensive calculation, consulting and design service of our cooperation partner Dr.-Ing. Ernst Braun Institute. 
The Kienle + Spiess manufacturing and product quality is trusted by clients in the field of Automotive, Air Movement, Pumps and Industrial Application, among others and is recommended as a strategically important and reliable partner.

Intelligent Bonding Technology For More Efficiency And Sophisticated Drives 

With glulock®, loose rotor and stator laminations can be bonded directly during the punching process using small bonding points. This innovative tool-integrated core building method contrasts with the conventional interlocking method in that it is free of annoying connecting elements

How does glulock® work? 
The glulock® unit function as a bonding station located either upstream from the tool or directly in the tool itself. In it, bonding points are precisely applied to the electrical steel strips so that the tool can subsequently pass through to the holing station with the metal strip. It is there that the individual lamination is finally connected using the bonding points.

Glulock HT 
With the continuing development of glulock HT, we are meeting the increasing demands of the market head on and creating the conditions for the use of our bonded components in high-temperature environments. By using a new adhesive, the packs are capable of withstanding temperature class H, the tensile strength was increased and the chemical resistance was once again significantly improved


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