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FASP S.R.L - Hall 1.2 Stand A19


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FASP is an Italian leading manufacturer of automatic machines and lines devoted to the manufactures of electric motors for E-Vehicles and for other strategic sectors: home automation, lift elevators, generators and pumps production, industrial applications.

For E-V producers FASP designs and provides a wide range of standard and tailor-made machinery and lines for the winding processes of stators, by meeting their needs with a high level of technology and by offering customised systems solutions.

Great flexibility, dynamic production, elevated performances, productivity increase and quality enhancement are the results achieved by the customers from the e-mobility world that choose the company FASP as strategic partner.

Thanks to an over 35 year-experience, the innovative know-how, the reliability, the professionalism and the expertise of the human resources, the excellent territorial partners network involved in projects today the company FASP  is designed as the preferential business partner by the big manufacturers in the world of electric vehicles.



DuPont International Operations S.à.r.l. - Hall 3.2 Stand B19

Du Point

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DuPont is a global supplier of high-performance brand products for electrical insulation systems, used in a wide range of applications, such as wind, HEV/EV, electrical vehicles, rail etc. There are fully IEC/UL recognized DuPont brand products to fit your needs. Kapton® / Nomex®.

Du Point

Nomex® Paper, An Original Benchmark for Performance, Reliability

DuPont™ Nomex® is a brand that has earned the trust of manufacturers around the world by delivering superior quality and proven reliability for a wide range of electrical insulation applications.

For nearly 50 years, Nomex® has been the material of choice for electrical insulation, helping to extend the life of electrical equipment and prevent premature failures. 
Within the Nomex® family of products—primarily Nomex® paper and pressboard in various forms—there’s a high-quality material to address virtually any electrical insulation requirement.

By using Nomex® paper as electrical insulation, manufacturers of everything from transformers and generators to wind turbine systems and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) have been able to help improve the integrity and performance of their own products.

Nomex® paper has played a key role in positioning DuPont as a global leader in electrical insulation systems which are used in electrical equipment covered by applicable UL, IEC   and country specific standards such as IEEE and JL. 

With a continuing focus on technical innovation, DuPont is working closely with engineers throughout the electrical industry as they develop new and modified products using Nomex® that will help them meet the evolving electrical insulation needs of the future.  


KREMPEL GmbH - Hall 4.2 Stand A11

Krempel Group

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The KREMPEL-GROUP is an independent producer of high-quality semi-finished products and a leading, global acting system supplier of modern materials. With our electrical insulation materials, composite materials, solar and electronic materials as well as special laminates, we enjoy a high reputation worldwide and are among the world market leaders in many areas.

The insulation system is the deciding factor when it comes to the functioning and useful life of high-voltage machines, oil transformers, dry transformers and motors. KREMPEL-GROUP supplies a variety of different electrical insulation materials - and all from a single source.

With 1,200 people employed on 10 production sites and in 67 agencies, the KREMPEL-GROUP has an international presence which guarantees fast local service.

High-performance motor insulation

KREMPEL offers a comprehensive portfolio of electrical insulation materials for automotive applications, developed especially for use in hybrid and electric motors. We understand your needs, because our products have been proving themselves in day-to-day use for many years.

  • Slot insulation, intermediate insulation, phase insulation and slot closures for thermal classes 130 to 200 (in accordance with IEC 60085)
  • High-temperature-resistant adhesive systems for a short-term thermal overload capacity of up to 260°C
  • Significantly increased thermal conductivity of up to 0.45 W/mK
  • Improved resistance to partial discharge
  • Resistant to ATF Oil

Krempel Group

Powerful battery insulation

KREMPEL can help you find battery insulation solutions for the future – developed in line with your specific requirements.

  • Materials for electrical and thermal insulation and heat dissipation
  • Insulation for laminated bus bars
  • Special laminates made from aluminium, copper and polyimide films and other polymer materials with thermoforming and heat-sealing properties
  • Flexible copper clad laminates and coverlay (FCCL & CL) for flexible printed circuits (FPC)
  • Finishing and processing of flexible materials: e.g self-adhesive PSA coatings, metallizing, punching, embossing, shaping
  • Fibre composite materials for battery housings

Selecting the right materials is the key to success. KREMPEL develops customer-specific products and solutions. We work in close partnership with you to design solutions that are specially tailored to your requirements, to help you make your most ambitious projects a reality.

Our goal is to help you find the best solutions to lay the foundations for the next generation.


Faet S.r.l. Forniture Articoli ElettroTecnici – Hall 3.2 Stand F00


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FAET is one of the European leading realities in the market of components and electromechanical / electro technical spares.

Over 10.000 m2 for warehouse and production of materials destined to building and maintenance of electrical static and rotating machines, we can grant our customers a quick and accurate service.FAET and its partners are able to offer what is needed for the realization in winding electrical motors, generators, air core, Dry-Type and oil filled transformers in all insulation classes: insulation material (paper and electrical tapes), power cables, tubes and caps for welding insulation and for protection of power cables, cords for binding (waxed and non-waxed), components for finishing motors and pumps (protective cowlings, terminal blocks, fans etc..)

An easy insert to strip aluminium and copper wires, that suits to different rotating instruments, both battery and pneumatic It is available in three different models.

portable wire stripper

Insert for grinding machines, practical, handy and capable to strip all types of copper wires! Stripped section from to 0,5 mm a 4,5 mmNew widia blades.

Automatic wire stripper

Innovative tool to easily fold rectangular and round aluminium and copper wire.Total Tool measurements 36 cmHandgrip 3,5 cm – Total weight 460 gMaximum size 12×12

wire folding

THE REVOLUTION IN STRIPPING RECTANGULAR WIRESInsert for grinding machines, suitable to remove the copper enamel from rectangular wires of thickness: min. 2 mm max 12 mm

wire stripper


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