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PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Insulation Manufacturing

DEMAK GROUP - Hall 4.2, Stand D32


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Thanks to the experience gained during these last years, Demak became one of the most qualified supplier in the electrical component insulation field. The Demak Group, being a mechanical and chemical group of companies, is able to provide a full resin encapsulation process and a 360° support to its customers. Our technology finds application in many different fields, from electrical motors, ignition coils, sensors, igniters, home appliances, PCBs and many other.

Demak produces stand-alone units up to full automatic lines completely customized according to customer’s need. The mechanical and chemical heart is at the base of Demak success, always developing new casting technologies and suitable resins to improve components’ properties. A precise and efficient dispensing process is the result of the continuous technological improvement from 1976.

demark product

  Tecnofirma - Hall 4.2, Stand E12

Tecnofirma logo

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Since 1949 Tecnofirma is on the market of surfaces treatments.

Specialized in automotive industry, nowadays Tecnofirma spa is  partner of the most important  car manufacturers in the development of hybrid and electric cars. Tecnofirma is in fact one of the most advance company supplying the technology for the impregnation of electric motors.  

Tecnofirma takes care of customer products by studying and applying the best impregnation process for each one. An incorrect method or insufficient impregnation can considerably shorten the working life of the electric motor.

The fully equipped laboratory makes it possible to simulate the impregnation process before its implementation in the machine built for the customer, by optimising the interaction between mechanics of the plants and the chemical and physical behaviour of the resins used. Thanks to the laboratory, the customer has the possibility to test different impregnation technologies with different types of resins, allowing to validate processes even before issuing the order.

Trickling, dipping, roll dip methods: the range of  impregnation technologies is complete.


  METECH - Hall 1.2, Stand B41

Metech italia logo

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METECH is a company specialized in manufacturing of VPI impregnation systems.

Our competence in process has allowed us to develop the technology of impregnation with a particular view of optimization of the systems for the highest performance of the machine and reduced operational cost to help the best customer return on the investment.

Our know-how matured through 25 years of experience  allowed us to guaranty quality, productivity and outstanding capability to customize impregnation systems for different requirements.

METECH seriousness and professionalism is proved by customers satisfaction, whose constant feedback is the best motivation for our continuous growth and drive to build solid partnership.

METECH is present with its systems in more than 20 countries in different application of electrical machines manufacturing, covering energy, renewable and automotive markets.



BD Tronic - Hall 2.2, Stand F60

bdtronic logo

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BD Tronic, formerly known as Bartec Dispensing Technology, are a one of the world's leading machine manufactures in the high end dispensing and impregnation industry. They excel in dispensing reactive and highly filled resins, as well as plasma technology and production automation and hot riveting.

They have locations in Europe, Asia, Mexico and South America with a production location in Germany and one in the USA. They have a global customer base, serving manufacturers with our high complexity equipment in a multitude of markets including the automotive, electronics, medical technology, renewable energy industries and more.

A company of M.A.X Automation AG, bdtronic develops and delivers customized automation solutions to a global customer base.

See what sets them apart and discover if their technologies and services can add value to your automation processes. 


Integration mixing and dispensing machine for potting and bonding of components
The B1000 is a compact mixing and dispensing machine for processing reactive resins.

The integrated work station with process monitoring distinguishes itself through its compact design with optimal operator access.



Manual or integration mixing and dispensing machine for single part processing
The B100 is a compact epoxy mixing and dispensing machine for processing reactive resins. Due to its small footprint the B100 provides an economic solution for integration in basically any work place and unites efficiency, flexibility and quality.



Fully-automated mixing and dispensing machine with manual assembly for potting and bonding of components

The flexible epoxy mixing and dispensing machine B2000 for processing reactive resins. This machine is the ideal solution for dispensing tasks with point-to-point or path motion. 

Reliable quality combined with modern control system makes the B2000 a compact solution that combines productivity, flexibility and precision.