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Albert Maier GmbH Transformer Accessories – Hall 1.2 

Stand E24

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Since 1949 we're your partner for accessories for oil immersed transformers.The experience we have been gathering in the field of production and development of transformer accessories for many decades makes us the reliable partner of today.

Adherence to delivery dates, short delivery times, predictability, and the complete fulfilment of your requirements are the measurable factors of our service. We have been establishing subsidiaries and partner companies in order to deliver best service and to be able to live up to the rising standards of high quality transformer components. This close cooperation with our partners allows us to meet our own demands in terms of quality and costs of pre-products and finished components within our supply chain. 

Nowadays we manufacture with more than 100 employees in Germany and Turkey butterfly valves and dehydrating breathers for power transformers as well as oil level indicators, moisture holders, pressure relief devices, and tank components for oil-immersed distribution transformers.

Buchholz Relay MBP for Transformers

The Buchholz Relay MBP in accordance with EN 50216-2 protects liquid immersed transformers and reactors with conservator. It will be mounted in the pipeline between transformer and conservator tank. The Buchholz Relay MBP operates as a protection device that can be provided with either two contacts or four contacts for alarm and tripping. Each Buchholzrelay is individually tested in a test facility for tightness and proper functioning.

Our Buchholz relay MBP is available either in accordance with specifications of the European standard EN 50216-2 or as a special design. For simplified gas or oil sampling from the ground, you will find our gas sampling device MGSD, which is connected by a copper pipe directly to the Buchholz relay.

Maier Buchholz Relay MBP for Transformers

Buchholz Relay MBP brochure 



Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria – Hall 1.1 Stand A33

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Hyundai CWIEME Exhibitor


Hyundai Heavy Industries Co. Bulgaria is a leading producer of oil immersed power transformers for electrical substations, industrial and power plants; on-load and off-circuit tap changers for power and generator-type transformers. HHIB products are in operation in power grids and industrial plants in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa, Middle East, South and North America.

Latest Tap Changer

As part of the continuous process of expanding Hyundai Heavy Industry Bulgaria’s product range of On Load and Off Load Tap Changers and constantly improving their technical parameters and performance our latest tap changer enters serial production:



Hyunday RSV12 Tap Changer


Switching operations till inspection – 300 000


- Switching operations till replacement of vacuum interrupters – 800 000
- Switching operations (mechanical endurance) – 1 200 000

Compact size
Wide range of applications - single-phase; star and triangle connections

The latest development in HHIB RSV series of OLTCs with vacuum interrupters, the RSV12, brings the series to completion – now all of our oil-type OLTCs have a vacuum-based equivalent.  

The RSV12 is designed to operate with single-phase power transformers and three-phase transformers with D (triangle) and Y (star) connected windings. It is a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution that can substitute a set of 2 or 3 tap changers in your transformer. Built to meet and exceed the requirements of IEC 60214-1:2014, the RSV12 has a compact design with a separate oil compartment. 

RSV12 is designed to meet all clients requirements and withstand the worst tests and exploitation conditions worldwide.   


Specialacciai S.r.l. – Hall 2.2 Stand D51

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 Specialacciai S.p.a. CWIEME Berlin exhibitor


SpecialAcciai comes from the founding members long experience in steel trading firstly, especially in the Lamination and later specializing in the working and production of Magnetic Cores for the construction of Electrical Transformers.

Since 1988 the founding members are working in the transfomer industry employing about 100 people in different production units. In the last few years SpecialAcciai has made investments in research and development of innovative technologies and materials: starting from 2013 it has increased its production capacity and has significantly improved the quality of its products.

SpecialAcciai works under contracts providing services in design and manufacturing of magnetic products, grain oriented and laser.

Our products are designed for various applications: photovoltaic, wind power, traction, furnace and other special energy applications.

The raw material is supplied to SpecialAcciai by the major steel mills in the world which certify the quality. SpecialAcciai do random tests on delivered coils; after that the losses are tested and guaranteed in our testing room.

Today SpecialAcciai is able to produce and certify cut-to-size laminations and assembled cores with power from 10Kva to 100 Mva.


 Specialacciai S.p.a. Assembly cores


SpecialAcciai è is able to provide every type of structural works existing on the market since it internally has laser trimming lines and equipment able to produce, cut and fold plates from 4 mm to 12 mm.


The latest generation painting facility installed at SpecialAcciai has a very low environmental impact, thanks to its special 3-stage filtration system, which ensures a substantial reduction in volatile substances;

Moreover, the facility is heated (to induce rapid exsiccation in the lamination cycles used during the core coating process) by innovative radiating panels which are electrically powered to avoid releasing CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


SpecialAcciai provides for the planning of every "standard" product and customizing the choice of the materials when required by the client, in order to gain the best quality/price ratio.


AEM Unicore Machinery – Hall 2.2 Stand D11

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AEM Unicore CWEIME Berlin Exhibitors


AEM is a world leader in Unicore Technology, the key component in distribution, voltage and general purpose transformers. Since 1958, when AEM was founded (and climate change meant visiting another country), we have focused on energy efficiency. From the start, our vision has centred on producing high quality, high performance products.

Today, we continue to innovate, and expand our Unicore range of equipment alongside our TCT150 transformer core tester. Our products are regarded as the most advanced and efficient available. We now sell our automated Unicore machinery to many small, medium and multi-national transformer manufacturers and core-makers worldwide. Our machines are flexible, accurate and reliable. They eliminate the need for fixed tooling (such as jigs and mandrels), and produce fully formed Unicore laminations.

For Fast, Accurate Core Testing


With fast, repeatable and accurate test data available, 100% compliant QA and QC programs are now possible. Process faults, material fluctuations and even operator mishandling can be quickly identified and rectified before cores are Despatched.


  • Fully synthesised excitation waveform independent from any mains power fluctuations or noise
  • Cores from 200 kg to 200 grams
  • Flux densities from 0.02 to 1.8 Tesla
  • Magnetising force up to 300 AT/m
  • 50 or 60 Hz tests independent of mains frequency
  • Both BH curve and Core Loss tests
  • Simple user defined pass/fail operation
  • Multiple clamp sizes
  • Unlimited test profiles
  • Can be integrated into a production line using rear mounted clamp
  • Simple touch screen operation
  • Double handed operation for safety


AEM Unicore Brochure (PDF)




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