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PRODUCT SHOWCASE: Intermediate, Semi-Finished Products and Materials

AMES – Hall 3.2 Stand A37

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Founded in 1951, AMES is engaged in the manufacture and sale of sintered metal components.
AMES is one of the world leaders in the manufacture of sintered components in large series.

Our main products are:

  • Mechanical and hydraulic parts
  • Gears
  • Soft magnetic parts
  • Stainless steel parts
  • Filters and porous metal components
  • Self-lubricating sintered bearings

Sintering is used for a large number of structural components, either mechanical or hydraulic. There is a great diversity of materials (iron based), shapes, finishings, treatments and coatings, whick make possible to reach components of high precision and strong performance.

Material for such components is typically steel. AMES provides a wide range of sintered steel grades, from Fe-C, to high-alloy steels with Cu, Ni, Mo, Cr or Mn.

Properties of materials are the result of the combination of the alloying strategy and the processing technology. The achievable properties are, indicatively: yield strength higher than 850 MPa, tensile strength higher than 1250 MPa, apparent hardness up to 55 HRC, and bending fatigue limit higher than 450 MPa. These properties are comparable to wrought structural steels or to alloyed cast iron.


Self-lubricating bearings

AMES manufactures three ranges of self-lubricating bearings, as follows:

  1. Selfoil® standard bearings. Bearings made in standard dimensions, with spherical or cylindrical shapes, with or without flange. Selfoil® is the best solution for retail, and is available off the shelf.
  2. Selfoil® Rods for machining. These bearings are solid or hollow cylinders, to be machined to final dimensions when the system is not ready for standard Selfoil® bearings.
  3. Bearings by design. Customized bearings for medium- to high production volumes, specifically designed for a given equipment. Most of AMES bearing production corresponds to this range of OEM bearings.

AMES may recommend the most appropiate material and design to meet your needs.


Stainless steel parts 

Sintered stainless is widely used in industry for applications requiring high corrosion resistance at both room temperature and very high temperatures.



Sintering successfully achieves the geometry of the teeth directly from the compacting operation. Furthermore, it allows to obtain gears with a large variety of sizes and shapes.


Self-lubricating Bearings

A self-lubricating sintered bearing is a metallic component with high porosity (20-25% in volume), impregnated in a lubricant oil.


Asta Elektrodraht  – Hall 1.1 Stand C19

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Asta Elektrodraht

ASTA manufactures high-quality insulated winding material made of copper for use in electrical machinery in the high-energy sector, so-called conductors (CTC) for transformers, and Roebel bars for generators. ASTA has a top position worldwide in these areas.


Round wire 

Round wire is produced at four locations in Austria, India, China and Brazil at a dimension that is specified by the customer. It is formed accurately down to one hundredth of a millimetre, insulated with special enamel, paper or a netting tape and transposed to CTCs.


Special Products

Special Products

For extreme cases ASTA can offer cooling duct CTSs with built-in cooling ducts

Components for Transformers, Generators and Motors

Components for Transformers, Generators and Motors

CTC and multiple conductors for power transformers for all applications.

Components for industrial applications

Components for industrial applications

Round enamelled copper wire. for use in auto parts, hermetic compressors, home appliances, electric-electronics and motors.


HV Wooding – Hall 2.1 Stand F45

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HV Wooding

We are a subcontract precision manufacturing company specialising in Busbar manufacture, Presswork and Tooling, Laser Cutting, CNC Wire Erosion, CNC Machining, Electro plating, Sub-assemblies and Assemblies and have been trading for over 50 years.

We offer an unrivalled wealth of engineering resource, skills and experience within multiple industry sectors including Power generation, Renewable energy and Automotive.

Our comprehensive range of services encompasses everything from design assistance and proto-typing through to high volume production - all efficiently located under one roof, providing significant cost savings and administrative benefits to our valued customers.

From prototype to production, precision manufacturing of components and sub-assemblies for electric motor and switchgear industries amongst others.

Utilising wire cutting, Laser cutting and Stamping Technologies, we manufacture motor laminations loose, stacked or fully wound assemblies.

Our Copper and Aluminium Busbars compliment the Transport drivetrain, Renewables and General Switchgear markets.

Busbar manufacture

Busbar manufacture

We produce a huge variety of customised busbars in Copper, Aluminium and Cuponal for switchgear components, Renewable Energy, Data Centre and Power Electronics sectors.

Laser cut laminations

Laser cut laminations

We have been at the forefront of Motor lamination manufacture and today we are using the latest Wire Erosion, Laser Cutting and Stamping technology.

Copper Laser cutting

Copper Laser cutting

Laser cutting offers a service in between our Wire Erosion and Metal Pressing capabilities and cements our ability to work with our customers for all volume requirements.


NPF Nuova Presso Fondal– Hall 1.2 Stand B20

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NPF Group operates in the aluminium die-casting industry with two plants (NPF Italia / PFB Bulgaria), and, offers also mechanical machining operations (LMB Bulgaria ) and the design and manufacture of die casting and die cutting dies (NG Design Bulgaria) in order to meet customer demands for more and more complete products.

With more than 60 years of experience, 220 employees, 4 production units on a 55.000 sqm, more than 30 die casting presses from 230 Ton up to 2.800 Ton, NPF Group is able to cast pieces from 200 grams up to 35 kg, 20 new generation CNC machine, NPF is able to produce over 7 million pieces in a variety of markets: electric motors, reducers, alternators, generators, hydraulic pumps, lighting, home appliances, pneumatic, hydraulic, open gates, inverters, oil & gas and hobby.

Gear Box

Gear Box

Inverter Box

Inverter Box

Pump Housing

Pump Housing


    Intermediate, Semi-Finished Products and Materials at CWIEME Berlin Intermediate, Semi-Finished Products and Materials at CWIEME Berlin

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