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Dr Alex Michaelides

Dr Alex Michaelides

Senior Technical Specialist eMachines and Power Electronics, Jaguar Land Rover
Alex Michaelides obtained BEng and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Warwick in 1991 and 1994 respectively. Subsequently, as a lecturer in Electrical Machines and Drives at Warwick University, he engaged in research and consultancy on the electrical, magnetic and mechanical design of electrical machines and their power converters, predominantly switched reluctance and Permanent Magnet. After a 3-year period as a Power Transmission System Development engineer, Alex joined Vector Fields in 1999 as a Support and Applications Engineer. In 2003 he took on the wider responsibility of Applications Manager overseeing customer support, consultancy in Electromagnetics and development of Application Oriented Software. In 2005 Vector Fields was acquired by COBHAM PLC and Alex assumed a Senior Management responsibility in Business Development. In 2011 he joined JLR as eMachines and Power Electronics TS, where he is engaged in the design, development validation and delivery of electric drives for JLR hybrid vehicles. More recently, as a Senior TS in eMachines and Power Electronics, Alex is focusing on the Strategy for development of Electric Drive Technology inside JLR. He has co-authored more than 70 scientific papers on Power, Electrical Machines and Electromagnetic Modelling.


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