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Dr Konstantinos Laskaris

Dr Konstantinos Laskaris

Chief Motor Designer, Tesla
Dr Konstantinos Laskaris was born in Athens, Greece in 1978. He received his diploma in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technological University of Athens (NTUA), Greece, in 2002, his master’s degree in Signal Processing from the Imperial College London, UK, in 2002, and his PhD in Electric Motor geometry optimization for variable speed drives from the NTUA, Greece in 2011. Since 2012, Dr Konstantinos Laskaris is the Chief Motor Designer at Tesla, Inc, located in the Silicon Valley, California, where he leads the team of motor design engineers. His research interests include parametric design and loss modelling of synchronous and asynchronous machines using finite element analysis, as well as development of multi-objective optimization methods using supercomputers. Dr Konstantinos Laskaris has also worked in education, as a laboratory partner in NTUA, teaching the science of electric machines and has been co-founder of the Prometheus team in NTUA, which participates in fuel economy contests and holds the Panhellenic fuel consumption record today.


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