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Prof. Dr. ir. Thierry Coosemans

Prof. Dr. ir. Thierry Coosemans

Scientific Project Developer and Project Manager, MOBI Research centre, University of Brussels

Thierry Coosemans obtained his PhD in Engineering Sciences from Ghent University in 2006. After several years in the industry, he now became a member of the MOBI research team at the VUB, where he works as a scientific project developer and project manager.

He was and is involved in the Living Labs Electric Vehicles Flanders and Flanders Make (Belgium), as well as in the FP& and H2020 projects SafeDrive, OPERA4FEV, SuperLIB, Smart EV-VC, Batteries 20202, GO4SEM, FIVEVB, ELIPTIC, MOBILITY4EU and GO4SEM, which he coordinated.

His main research interests are electric and hybrid propulsion systems, and the performances of electric-vehicle fleets under real-life conditions. Thierry Coosemans is an active member of EARPA and EGVIA.