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Thomas Stäuble

Thomas Stäuble

CEO, SWD AG Stator- und Rotortechnik
Thomas Stäuble is CEO of SWD AG Stator- und Rotortechnik in Switzerland. He holds a degree as electrical engineer and an MBA. More than 20 years of experience in electrical motors and drives, he has a sound understanding of the electrical motor industry and its needs and vast potential in the future. Before becoming CEO of SWD AG, Thomas was working with ABB where he held several management positions in the business unit motors and drives. The company SWD AG commits to innovations around electrical sheet stacks to improve motor performance and efficiency and to revolutionise manufacturing concepts to increase process control and stability and to reduce manufacturing costs. The combination of know how in punching, tooling, stacking, processes, technologies and Industry 4.0 concepts allows the company to invent new manufacturing solutions as the Backpaketiersystem® and others to come in the near future.


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