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21 - 23 May 2019
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Award Categories

Find out more about the categories you can enter for the CWIEME Global Awards 2019! 

Product of the Year

The CWIEME project team of the year awards outstanding team effort, intellect and ingenuity. This category seeks an outstanding group of professionals who have made a lasting impact on their company, client organisation or industry. They will have delivered a project that demonstrates collaboration and an outstanding ability to make key design decisions in a team environment, while working within time constraints and to budget.

Engineer of the Year

This award is looking for an exceptional individual who has demonstrated excellence in technical design skills, problem solving and project delivery, they will also be passionate about their industry and involved or contributing to the wider electrical engineering community.

This individual will have made a positive impact on their team, company and/or client organisation in a variety of ways; through increasing product sales, cost reductions, efficient design, quicker routes to market, improved brand awareness, opening new routes to market and/or re-positioning their company as electrical design market leader. They may also have used innovative material applications to improve product efficiency. This individual will have a fantastic ability to find solutions and take design engineering to the next level.

Global Outreach– Beyond the Factory Floor

Awarding a company, group of employees or an individual in the industry who have taken their knowledge, electrical engineering capabilities and initiative to support others in a charitable or community outreach context. This could be a group of purchasing managers, a CEO or couple of colleague R & D designers volunteering at a local community project, the support of a major international development programme, mentoring or skills provision that has made a clear difference to others. Improving lives near or far.


This award celebrates innovative technologies and process driven projects working towards Industry 4.0 and similar global industry initiatives. Entries will demonstrate integrated elements of the smart factory, smart products, data and/or services into their supply chain management and manufacturing processes.

These will have had a substantial effect on the efficiency and deliverables of an organisation’s ways of working from design to production, manufacturing and final application delivery. Any company that has implemented an ‘Industry 4.0’ solution can take part or those that have proof of concept

Start-Up of the Year

This special award will celebrate the achievements of tomorrow’s engineers, by shining the spotlight on outstanding examples of innovation and entrepreneurship in the last 3 years.

This individual, company or group of employees will demonstrate a ground-breaking product or market-ready solution that has been improved or disrupted the electrical and manufacturing environment. It must be progressive in both technological and economical terms and contribute to the needs of the industry.

Outstanding Contribution to Industry

This award for an individual who has made a long-term commitment to the electrical industries.

This individual is seen as a mentor, thought leader and role model. They represent the industry’s respect of building long-term relationships and desire for constant discovery and innovation. This individual’s dedication and commitment to electrical design and engineering believes it can have an impact for the greater good. They have taken their knowledge and expertise beyond their own business needs, out into the engineering community and beyond. Educating and sharing valued knowledge, skills and insight.  

Grand Prix Award – Winner of Winners (Judges’ Award)

This is the winner of winners. This special award is chosen from the winners of each category. The CWIEME Grand Prix celebrates electrical design and technical ability that goes beyond norm. Judges will look for a project, product, system or individuals’ work that has gone beyond normal industry standards. The winning team, project, product or individual will have broken new ground in the application of technologies, taken the market edge over its competitors and set a new high in terms of design quality and efficiency within the electrical industries.


This award winner will be chosen by a team of experts and is not available to enter.

The winners will be announced winners will be announced in Berlin at ‘The CWIEME Global Awards’ presentation & reception on 22 May 2019. Good luck!

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Deadline for entries

Deadline for all entries is 18 March 2019. To be able to judge each entry effectively, each award will be limited to a total of 100 entries. Once this figure has been reached the entry opportunity will close; even if this is before the final deadline date.

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